Wednesday, 11 July 2012

NRA objection stalls Mallow bull stud plans

The 54,000sqft facility planned for Munster AI's site outside Mallow has been set back by more than four months due to an objection from the National Roads Authority (NRA).
An Bord Pleanala upheld the NRA's objection to a new entrance to the site off the N73 Mallow to Mitchelstown road. This road is being upgraded following the shelving of plans for a new motorway to Limerick.
The objection forced Munster AI to resubmit an application last week, which will take a minimum of two months to process. However, sources close to the project claim that they are confident that the NRA will have no objection to the centre using the existing entrance to the site.
It is expected that the centre, which is part of an overhaul of National Cattle Breeding Centre's (NCBC) new biosecurity programme following an IBR outbreak at NCBC's headquarters in 2011, will be constructed within two months of being granted permission.
Forty bulls are being housed in the existing buildings that were decommissioned seven years ago. It is hoped to have up to 72 bulls in two separate sheds once the facility is up and running.

Read the article @ The Irish Independent


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