Wednesday, 17 May 2017

North Strand apartment block refused planning permission

A six storey 72-bed apartment block planned for the North Strand has been refused planning permission by Dublin City Council following opposition from Irish Rail and local residents.
The proposed apartment complex was to be on the site of Leech Paper factory, Shamrock Place, Dublin 1, beside the North Strand canal. The large development would have backed on to a railway line, with Irish Rail arguing the developers’ plans were ignoring safety concerns. Remcoll Capital, a new property investment company based in Swords, Co Dublin, was behind the project. It was set up in late 2013 by Paul Collins (53), who previously ran a construction firm Coolfadda Developers, which went into receivership after seven years of trading in 2009, and was wound up in 2014.

Read the full article @ The Irish Times


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